This week read about supermodel Lily Cole coming out as queer, Quinn winning an Olympic gold medal, and Eminem's child coming out as nonbinary.

Supermodel Lily Cole Comes Out as Queer

British supermodel, actress, and activist, Lily Cole has proudly come out as queer in an interview with The Sunday Times Style.

Cole says she is generally a private person who avoids the public eye but felt it was time to let the world know that she is “not straight.” She decided on queer saying, “I like that word because of its openness. Because I think all those boundaries are quite rigid.”

Cole continues this discussion in her new book “Who Cares Wins: How to Protect the Planet You Love.” “Just as we do not choose the circumstances and ancestral patterns we are born into, none of us choose the cultural norms and laws we inherit," Cole writes, also opening up about raising her daughter with husband Kwame Ferreira, whom she married back in 2012.

"Had my mixed-race daughter been born in a different country, she would have been a crime. If I were living in another country today, my queerness would be a crime."



First Trans Athlete Wins Olympic Gold Medal


 Quinn. Credit: Jamie Smed, Flickr.

Quinn, the first openly trans athlete to participate in the Olympics, won an Olympic gold medal.

Quinn is a part of the Canadian soccer team and emerged victorious against Sweden. This year, 181 openly queer athletes competed in the Tokyo games which is more than three times the number who participated in the Rio Games. Quinn was happy to see their name on the soccer roster but is sad that past Olympians were unable to live their truth in the games.

“I feel proud seeing 'Quinn' up on the lineup and on my accreditation. I feel sad knowing there were Olympians before me unable to live their truth because of the world," they wrote in an Instagram post.

Quinn first competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and took home the bronze. However, they were not out yet. In September 2020, Quinn came out to the world as transgender in a hope to inspire others and to “be visible to queer folks who don’t see people like them on their feed.”

Eminem’s Child Stevie Comes Out as Nonbinary


 Stevie. Photo via TikTok.

Eminem’s adopted child Stevie came out as nonbinary via TikTok last week. They announced that their pronouns are they/she/he.

The video starts with the words: “Watch me become more comfortable with myself.” Following that, photos of Stevie when they went by Whitney pop up and gradually show their transition into Stevie. The video received nearly 11,000 views along with an outpouring of support from followers. Their sister Hailie also liked the video.

In the comment section, Stevie explains the process of finding a name, “I spent a long time trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with and the first name I felt comfortable with is Stevie." Their bio now reads “any pronouns” and the hashtags #genderfluid and #bi have been added to the video.