This week read about Rita Moreno releasing "Just a Girl Who Decided to go for It," a new show called "Hot Haus" deciding the next queer sex icon, and the possibility of "Beauty and the Beast" prequel featuring a gay couple.

Renowned Actress Releases Documentary

Now the name Rita Moreno needs no explanation, but just in case you are not aware of the EGOT-winning actress, her 70-year career span of her being a singer, actress and dancer is filled with numerous musical classics such as “West Side Story,” “Singing in the Rain,” and more.

The latest installment in Moreno’s career is her brand-new documentary “Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It.”

The documentary’s Instagram shows Moreno’s on-screen work as well as off-screen work, to give people a sneak peek into some of the things that the documentary will cover.

Such as her illustrious career, along with her voice during the March on Washington for the Civil Rights Movement.

Moreno has also cultivated a loyal queer fanbase throughout her long-lived career.

Moreno told Pride, “I don't have anything to say differently than I would to my own people because we were all outliers! If you're gay, you're an outlier. I'm Puerto Rican and I've been an outlier most of my life. So I'm thrilled to pieces to expose those parts of my life that were difficult and that I was able in some way or another to help myself out of.”

Catch Moreno’s “Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It” in theaters.

New Show to Decide the Next Queer Sex Icon


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It seems as if everyone wants to be a sex symbol, a central figure of sensual feelings and good times. Some prominent examples are Beyoncé, the late Prince and a variety of others. Now what would happen if a show was made to see who would be the next sex symbol?

Well, you would get “Hot Haus.” The new reality show coming in the fall to see who will become the next queer sex icon.

According to Pride, the show is advertised as “Queer sex workers and sex-positive content creators [who] compete in a series of titillating challenges to claim the title of the Next Queer Sex Symbol.”

This new reality television series was made up by the same team that brought you “Slag Wars.”

Topher Cusumano, executive producer and showrunner, told Rollingstone, “With ‘Hot Haus,’ we’re trying to remove some of that stigma and amplify all of the beauty, diversity, and talent that comes from queer, sex-positive creators. This show isn’t going to be trauma porn. It’s going to be a celebration.”

Could ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Feature a Gay Couple?


Image courtesy of Disney.

For all the “Beauty and the Beast” fans out there, it is in your best interest to know that a prequel of the 2017 live-action film is in the works.

Deadline states that it will be an eight-episode musical series on Disney+. This prequel will focus on Gaston and LeFou, played by Luke Evans and Josh Gad. With the role of Tilly, LeFou’s stepsister, played by Briana Middleton as the female lead.

The previous show in 2017 sparked a debated controversy for the show’s “gay moment,” where the two characters share a dance.

Pride writes, “The scene was groundbreaking in the sense that it finally confirmed for audiences that LeFou’s affections for his hunky BFF, Gaston [played by gay actor Evans], could possibly be more than platonic.”

If that's not enough to get people excited for the upcoming prequel, would it seal the deal to find out that Alan Menken will score the movie!

Yes, EGOT winner, and composer for almost all the classic Disney scores we know and love will be handling the music for the upcoming prequel.

Catch the limited series of “Beauty and the Beast” prequel on Disney+.