This week read about Adam Rippon announcing his engagement to Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, the "Bridgerton" star feeling "privileged" to be a Black lesbian, and Dolly Parton hinting at a "9 to 5" reunion.

Gay Retired Figure Skater Shares Engagement on Instagram

Retired 31-year-old professional figure skater Adam Rippon revealed on an Instagram post that he and his partner Jussi-Pekka Kajaala have gotten engaged.

Rippon is the first openly gay athlete to receive a bronze metal, which he received back in 2018.

Amidst all the trials and tribulations that have been going on in 2020 and 2021, it seems like some good fortune has shone onto this couple.

Rippon wrote in his Instagram post, “JP and I didn’t get to see each other for almost all of 2020 because of the pandemic … When there was finally a chance for me to go and see him in Finland, I jumped at it. I was there for a little over two months … I would attempt to try and ‘help’ him shovel snow so he could keep working on the cottage he’s building. So, in between all that and binging the entire 4 seasons of The Crown, we bought ourselves some rings and said that magic word..."Duh!" We got ~*engaged*~.”

It seems that not even a pandemic can keep these two love birds away. Now all that’s left is to open the bubble and make it official.

‘Bridgerton’ Star Feels ‘Privileged’ to be Out


"Bridgerton" star Golda Rosheuvel. Photo credit: Facebook.

“Bridgerton” star Golda Rosheuvel is waving that pride flag for all to see. Rosheuvel says that she is proud to identify as a Black lesbian.

“There’s not a lot of us around who are gay, female, Black and I’m very privileged and blessed to be one of them … I’m not saying that I speak for a community, I’m a small voice in that community, but I think each of us who has a small voice creates something big and something wonderful for the next generation to see themselves and be proud of,” Roshveuval told Pagesix.

The 51-year-old actress has been in the film industry for over 20 years, and has solidified her presence in predominantly theatre, according to

The veteran actress gives her praise to the diversity of the cast. She told Pagesix, “Stories had been told by the privileged … I think it’s time that the door has opened and the time is now that the door is being opened by people of color, Black and Brown people, Shonda Rhimes, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Coogler.”

Even though the show has a wide diversity of cast members, it has still gotten some heat for queerbaiting. said, “The trailer teased a gay love scene, but the moment in question ended up being the only gay sex scene in the entire show.” even went so far as to say that the show has a “gay sex problem.” While the series is on its way to season two, fans hope to see more representation in the upcoming episodes.

‘9 to 5’ Reunion?


Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin in 1980's "9 to 5." Photo credit: 20th Century Fox.

Fans of the beloved comedy “9 to 5” will finally be able to see their favorite cast members side by side once again. Gay icon Dolly Parton announced that the film’s lead cast will be reunited once more.

Parton told Queerty that once it is safe enough to resume filming, she’ll make an appearance. “We worked so well together on ‘9 to 5,’ it’s a crazy wonderful show. We’ve been trying to write me in somehow. So when it’s safe for us to actually do production when they’re back, I’ll probably get around to doing that,” Parton said.

According to Queerty, “9 to 5” came to be known as one of the most popular comedies ever.

Released in 1980, the comedy was so popular that it sparked a sitcom and a Broadway musical performance to be made.  Queerty also mentioned that a sequel was being developed in 2018, but was then tossed out and disbanded the following year.