This week read about a fashion company releasing rainbow jockstraps for Pride Month, "Feel Good" season 2 premiering on Netflix June 4, and stylist Law Roach appearing on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Feel Good’ Second Season to Air on Netflix

A new trailer for the short-lived series “Feel Good,” has been released by Netflix.

We were introduced to the main character Mae Martin, in the first season, and followed her around as a gender-fluid member of the LGBT community. Where fans instantly found a connection with the show's dark comedy towards the life of Mae.

According to Netflix, this second season follows Mae and Georgie as Mae struggles to come to terms with the ghosts from her past and Georgie tries to reinvent her present.

While the release of this second season will be the last and final season for the series, fans still got to get a bittersweet chance to make a connection with a new character that they can relate to.

Season 2 of “Feel Good” premieres on Netflix June 4.



Balenciaga Releasing Pride Jockstraps?


Courtesy of Balenciaga.

Balenciaga is releasing a line of Gay Pride clothes, and you guessed it — Jockstraps are on the menu.

This limited collection will only be available for a limited amount of time, where it is only available in certain stores and online.

This seemed to be a snowball effect from Calvin Klein, where according to OUT, they released the first batch of jockstraps in 2019 as part of their Pride collection.

Not long after, in 2020, Versace then followed along and dropped their own set of jockstraps, and now it seems like Balenciaga is the third company to do the same.

Creative Director for Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia, wants to use this collection as a way to project his voice for the LGBT community.

“It’s important to push through against homophobia. I’m not someone who goes out in the street and shouts. But this is the political fashion activism I can do,” Gvasalia said.

Law Roach Makes History


Law Roach. Photo via @luxurylaw, Instagram.

Law Roach is a must-know name in the stylist community, while he made history once by being the first Black stylist to be on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Stylist list, he continues to break barriers by reaching the number one spot on that list.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Roach’s hard work has paid off. According to OUT, Roach appears on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy, two of his clients.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg for Roach. His list of clients ranges everywhere from Ariana Grande to Tom Holland and many more.

Even with this extensive clientele, Roach, like everyone, was still worried about job security when COVID-19 first hit.

“I run a global, multimillion-dollar business. I did really well, even in COVID. So that part of it is great, you know. As a person, I just want to do the things that I’m doing now and figure out more ways to help other people. I created a fund during COVID to give back to Black-owned beauty and fashion businesses in Chicago,” Roach told The Hollywood Reporter.

Luxury Law’s Instagram paid respects to Roach’s achievement by uploading various pictures from a photoshoot.

One caption read, “STYLIST OF THE YEAR! The little black boy who wore couture.”

Look out Hollywood there’s a new top dog in town!