A Black queer student was murdered in Mississippi, and a veteran in Georgia voices support for the LGBT community.

Mississippi Police Say Killing of Queer Student is not LGBT-related

Jimmy “Jay” Lee was a Black student at Ole Miss known for his LGBT advocacy in Lafayette County. Mississippi Today reported the fears surrounding Lee’s death.

The suspect in custody, Sheldon Timothy Herrington Jr., a 22-year-old Ole Miss graduate, has been charged with the murder of Lee.

“Based on the information collected to date, our investigators believe this crime represents an isolated incident stemming from the relationship between Jay Lee and Tim Herrington,” the Oxford Police Department said in a statement.

The police continued to emphasize that the incident was not a hate crime yet students feel that because Lee was fighting for LGBT representation, other queer students will be targeted next.

“At the time and because of the unknown of why this has happened to Jay and the whereabouts of his body, I have decided that I cannot physically come back to Oxford,” Lindsey Trinh, a journalism student, wrote in an email to the university provost and professors. “I fear for my safety and well-being as an outspoken and proud gay person of color.”

Southern Veteran Details His Support For the LGBT Community


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John Morrison is a 63-year-old Army veteran from a small town in Georgia. As he was en route to Ukraine to show support on the frontlines, Morrison spoke with LGBTQ Nation about his support for the LGBT community.

He shared how his son’s coming out story became a breakthrough for their relationship.

“I immediately told my son that I loved him with all my heart and that would never change.”

Morrison continued by sharing that he went with his son to his first gay bar, and felt flattered when he got “a few interested smiles” himself.

His daughter’s spouse came out as trans as well.

Morrison shared that though he had only met a few trans people in southern Georgia, he never found himself passing judgment on them.

“For most people, it seems gender identity is a simple thing, however for some people this is just not the case,” said Morrison. “We all have sexuality and no one’s sexuality is any better than anyone else’s. I don’t care what one’s sexuality is, as long as it doesn’t involve non-consensual activity.”