This week read about Sarah Peters coming out as pansexual, Mack Beggs sharing how he was forced to compete as a girl in wrestling, and Miley Cyrus celebrating 15 years of "Hannah Montana."

Nevada Lawmaker Comes Out as Pansexual

Typically it wouldn’t be expected for a lawmaker to come out in a speech, but that’s exactly what Nevada Assemblymember Sarah Peters did.

Peters gave a floor speech to honor LGBT+ Health Awareness Week and showed her own personal connection to the week by coming out as pansexual.

“Today, as a pansexual, cisgender woman, I stand out for equity and remind us to be inclusive in our LGBT+ community as we work to make Nevada a more equitable place,” she said after discussing what health officials had been doing to make sure LGBT healthcare was up to standard.

After the speech, Peters took to Twitter to express her feelings about the public’s reaction to her coming out.

“Being celebrated for my queerness is weird. Being bisexual and pansexual comes with so much guilt and questioning. Am I queer enough? Am I gay enough? What if I end up heteronormative, am I straight? Y'all, we are all enough and worth celebrating!” she said in her tweet.


Trans Wrestler Discusses Being Forced to Compete as a Girl


Photo courtesy of Mack Beggs.

Mack Beggs started wrestling as an outlet after battling with self-harm. Now, he’s opening up about being forced to compete as a girl even though he does not identify as one.

Beggs loved wrestling, but struggled every time he stepped foot on the mat because of who his opponent was.

“You have to wrestle against girls — but you really want to wrestle against guys,” he said in an interview with Yahoo! News. “You beat girls, but technically you are a girl, but technically you’re not. It was a no-win situation.”

Beggs is now 21 years old and has had time to process what he went through and form opinions on bills surrounding transgender people.

“I think it’s revolting and honestly appalling that they’re trying to pass all these bills at the same time,” he told Yahoo! News. “Sports are supposed to be an outlet for kids. The most important thing about sports is learning these life lessons and getting these tools in order to go through life.”

Beggs hopes that things will change in the future so that no transgender athletes have to go through what he went through.

Miley Cyrus Celebrates 15 Years of ‘Hannah Montana’


Miley Cyrus on her new album "Plastic Hearts."

Fifteen years ago Miley Cyrus rose to fame by playing Miley Stewart, a seemingly normal teenage girl who lives a double life as pop star Hannah Montana. The show aired four seasons before ending in 2011.

After the sitcom ended, Cyrus took up a more modern and edgy music career. She ditched the good girl persona for a grunge, rebellious lifestyle after releasing her album “Bangerz” in 2013.

For the 15-year anniversary of her breakthrough role as Hannah Montana, Cyrus posted a handwritten note to the character on Instagram.

“Hi Hannah, it’s been a while. Fifteen years to be exact,” she wrote.

The letter goes on as Cyrus writes about her time playing the iconic character.

“Although you are considered to be an ‘alter ego,’ in reality there was a time when you held more of my identity in your glove than I did in my bare hands,” she wrote.

Throughout the letter, Cyrus shared how she grew up while on set and will forever hold Hannah Montana in her heart.

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