This week read about Courtney Stodden being inspired by two celebrities to come out, a trans teen talking about her dreams of playing girls' sports, and Kellogg's releasing rainbow Pride cereal.

Model Says Elliot Page and Sam Smith Inspired Them to Come Out

Courtney Stodden wanted to be as comfortable in their identity as they are on the runway. After a long internal struggle, Stodden is now confident in their gender identity — and they have Elliot Page and Sam Smith to thank.

“For the longest time I would sit in the shadows and watch brave souls like Elliot Page, Sam Smith and other mainstream celebrities come out,” they said to Page Six. “I knew I felt the same as them, but I was afraid I would be ignored because I present as high-femme non-binary.”

Stodden also credits their newfound confidence to their fans.

They said their LGBT fans inspired them to “live my truth fearlessly regardless of my presentation.”





HRC Releases Moving Video of Trans Teen Who Hopes to Play Sports


Rebekah. Photo via HRC.

Fourteen-year-old Rebekah just wants to play sports with her friends. But due to pending anti-trans bills, she fears she won’t be able to.

A video by the Human Rights Campaign highlights Rebekah, who loves to play field hockey with her friends.

“When we’re on the field, my teammates, they just see me as me,” she said. “They see me as a teammate who they’re going to play with, who they’re going to win with, who they’re going to lose with, and just someone who they will work with together.”

By sharing Rebekah’s story, the HRC hopes to turn people against the anti-trans bills that will keep transgender athletes from competing within their own gender.

Kellogg's Releases Rainbow Pride Cereal


"All Together." Credit: Kellogg's.

While cereal brand Kellogg’s already has a brand of rainbow cereal, “Froot Loops,” the company has decided to launch a cereal designed to celebrate the LGBT community.

The cereal, called “Together with Pride,” will be hitting grocery stores in May.

The heart-shaped cereal will be rainbow-colored and covered in edible glitter inside a box featuring various mascots from other Kellogg's cereal.

Last year, the company released a similar pride cereal, but at a greater cost and only sold online. This year, the cereal will be $3.99 a box and sold in stores.

Kellogg’s will also be donating $3 for every box purchased to GLAAD, an LGBT organization, if a copy of the receipt is uploaded to their website.

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