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Tina Kotek, a lesbian, won the nomination for governor of Oregon, and an LGBT center is set to open in Vermont.

Tina Kotek Democratic Nomination Win Is A Big Win For LGBT Community

Former Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek won 57% of the votes compared to State Treasurer Tobias Read’s 31%.

Prior to her win for the Democratic nomination for governor, Kotek’s campaign sent out a memo telling her supporters to manage their expectations.

During her speech Kotek thanked her wife, Aimee Kotek, while celebrating her win.

“This will be a three-way race for the highest office in our state, and this will be an election unlike anything any of us have ever seen,” Kotek told supporters during her speech, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Her win could be attributed to her previous support for progressive bills like increasing the minimum wage, gun control laws, protective abortion laws, and regulating carbon emissions.

Kotek will be facing off with non-affiliated nominee Sen. Betsey Johnson and the undetermined Republican nominee.

During her time as senator, Johnson voted against gun reform and carbon emissions.

OPB reported that Johnson may have fundraised up to $8 million so far and is predicted to have a good chance of winning the governor race.

LGBT Center to Open In Vermont


Photo via Pixabay.

Lined with welcoming lilac walls, Gregg Forbis is opening an LGBT-friendly center in Barre, Vermont.

The Rainbow Bridge Community Center is said it will be moving forward with its opening regardless of the recent homicide of a trans woman.

Other cities in Vermont already have LGBT centers like Burlington and Montpellier.

“I think they’re getting there. I think they’re moving in a positive direction, and I think this is just another way to say, ‘Hey central Vermont, you can come here, too,’” Forbis said according to WCAX.

Forbis’ hope for the center is to create a safe space for everyone with discrimination.

“Whether you’re gay, straight, or trans — it doesn’t matter. This is a place where anyone can just come in and be themselves,” Forbis said.

The center is on track to open June 4 regardless of the criticism surrounding the center.

“I’m almost there. It’s just a matter now of getting the sign up, getting the sign on the door, taking the screen away from the wall, and saying, ‘Here we are, let’s do this,’” said Forbis.