Erin Maye Quade experienced labor contractions during endorsement proceedings in Minnesota but continued on anyway, and Wisconsin's governor struck down an anti-LGBT bill.

Endorsement Proceedings Continued While Candidate Was In Labor

Erin Maye Quade’s campaign for the Minnesota Senate took an unlikely turn during the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party when she experienced intense labor contractions. Maye Quade began experiencing contractions earlier in the morning but decided to continue on with the DFL party nomination day.

During her speech, Maye Quade can be seen embracing her belly when a new contraction began.

“While her opponent continued on answering the question, she was bent over in the chair holding her wife’s hand — and then immediately afterward was handed the mic and expected to answer a question, which she did and she did flawlessly,” said Political Director of Women Winning Emma McBride, according to the Washington Post.

Her opponent, Justin Emmerich ended up winning the nomination after Maye Quade decided to forfeit because she needed to get to the hospital. Emmerich said to the Post that because a formal request was not presented, he did not suspend the proceedings.

Maye Quade said that because he did not accept her personal request to suspend the endorsement she didn't see why a formal one would be any different.

Wisconsin Will Not Be Taking Part in Anti-LGBT Bills


Photo via Adobe.

Won by Biden by a .63% margin in the 2020 Presidential Election, Wisconsin proves to align with Democratic states regardless of its previously Republican stance. In a slew of anti-LGBT bills plaguing the nation, Wisconsin has struck down the single bill that was proposed on the Senate floor.

The “Parental Bills of Rights” would have “allowed parents to sue school officials for not using parents’ requested pronouns and gender identities for their children,” according to KPVI.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers vetoed the bill citing that the bill would be “dividing our schools.”

Bills that would require children to play on sports teams according to their gender assigned at birth, as well as physicians and health-care providers being unable to provide gender-transitioning procedures, either had a hearing and did not proceed or never got a hearing.

“I can’t tell you the amount of fear and worry that I’ve heard people express about not just the sports bills but the health care ban bills both in Wisconsin and around the country,” Megin McDonell, executive director at the LGBTQ rights organization Fair Wisconsin, told KPVI.


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