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South Carolina passed a law that makes it harder to sue doctors who refuse to perform non-emergency care, and a trans teenager was forced into foster care in Tennessee.

New Law Makes It Harder to Sue Medical Professionals

South Carolina patients will no longer be able to sue doctors or healthcare professionals who refuse to perform non-emergency procedures. This comes after a 28-15 vote in the state Senate May 10.

According to the Post and Courier, this law will give medical professionals the ability to sue their employer if a doctor or medical professional refuses to perform a procedure that is non-lifesaving.

Supporters see the bill as morality law, where healthcare workers won’t have to be forced to participate in a procedure they don’t agree with. Opposers say they find the bill to be exclusionary under the guise of “medical freedom.”

Opponents of the bill see the danger that women and the LGBT community will face regarding abortion, gender reassignment procedures, and puberty blockers.

Republican Sen. Larry Grooms said that the law is not meant to discriminate.

“No physician should lose their job because they decline to perform these services,” Grooms said, according to the Post and Courier.

South Carolina is among multiple states that have been pushing bills that would limit healthcare access for marginalized communities.

Being Trans Lands Student in Foster Care


Screenshot via YouTube.

Tennessee teen, Wynn, was livestreaming on Twitch while playing “Minecraft” when police officers entered her bedroom.

What led to the 16-year-old’s detainment and relocation into foster care was the fact that she was pressured by her school to transition into virtual schooling due to her being trans, the teen claims.

"This will probably be the last stream ever because they're trying to get me to either kill myself or go into foster care or something instead of just giving me an education. Honestly, I just want to go to school. But they don't want me to go to school because I'm trans. I'm just really stressed out,” said Wynn during her livestream, according to the Motherboard.

During Wynn’s court date on April 27, she was labeled a “truant” by the state because she decided that she did not want to receive her education online but instead in person.

“I don't understand why Tennessee would rather ruin a child's life than just let her go to school, but it really shows where their priorities are,” she said livestreaming.