This week read about Izzy Dieker's complaint of discrimination against her school in Kansas, and the FBI joining the investigation of the murder of Katherine Janness in Georgia.

Kansas Student’s Complaint Makes School District Safer

Following an independent investigation into the actions of school personnel, North Lyon County School District has told the ACLU of Kansas that it will take steps to ensure a safe space for all.

When eighth-grader Izzy Dieker told a fellow student that she was a lesbian, her bus driver reported her and her principal suspended her for using profane language in front of younger students. Dieker filed a Title IX complaint, and the Kansas Association of School Boards found that the action taken against the student amounted to sexual harassment.

ACLU of Kansas Legal Director Sharon Brett said in a statement, “While we regret that our involvement and Izzy’s successful Title IX complaint were ever necessary, we were glad to learn that the district would take steps to ensure similar discrimination does not occur again ... All students in North Lyon County should feel welcomed, respected, and safe.”

The school district has committed to LGBT anti-discrimination training for its employees, clear communication of Title IX laws to students, and publicizing anti-discrimination laws as they apply to educators and district employees.

FBI Joins Investigation into Murder of Out Bartender


 Photo via FBI, Facebook.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has joined the Atlanta Police Department in its search for suspects after a local bartender and LGBT community member was found stabbed to death in Piedmont Park.

Katherine Janness was described by Emma Clark, her partner of six years, as kind, humble, and beautiful. When Janness didn’t return from walking their dog, Clark tracked her cell phone’s location and found her and their dog Bowie at the park, both deceased.

Clark wrote via the GoFundMe page, “I wanted to spend every second with her. He was the sweetest, most loyal companion. My heart is so very broken, my world will never be the same.”

There is currently a $10,000 award for information in connection with Janness’ murder. Neither the Atlanta Police Department nor the FBI have communicated the bureau’s level of involvement in the case, citing the ongoing and active investigation.