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Maine's governor took down a pro-LGBT video from the Department of Education website, and right-wing extremists in Arizona have stated that they will "hunt down" LGBT people during Pride Month.

Governor Takes Down LGBT Video Off Official Website

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has removed a pro-LGBT video from the Maine Department of Education website after receiving pressure after attack ads for the governor election began.

Kindergarten teacher Killian Mills’, who has no relation to the governor, lesson on what she calls “Freedom Holidays” was removed from the 400 listed.

“The most disappointing part of all of this is that the Maine Department of Education and Mills administration caved to pressure instead of standing up for some of the most vulnerable people, families, and students in Maine,” Mills told Press Herald.

According to the Press Herald, a spokesperson from Maine DOE “should have received further review by a DOE specialist” before it was uploaded to the site.

“The governor was not aware of the lesson, but she understands the concerns expressed about the age-appropriateness and agrees with the Department of Education’s decision to remove the lesson,” Mills spokeswoman Lindsay Crete told Press Herald.

The ad accuses the governor of funding $2.8 million towards lessons like “Freedom Holidays” as an example of “radical school lessons.”

Right-Wing Extremists Vow to ‘Hunt’ LGBT People During Pride Month


Ethan Schmidt. Photo via Twitter.

A tweet was posted on Twitter on the account PatriotTakes of Ethan Schmidt, 24, claiming he will be “hunting” down LGBT people and Target employees who take part in Arizona’s Pride Month festivities and support.

“I also like to hunt LGBT supporters in my free time. That’s one of my favorite pastimes … We’re going to be going on hunting expeditions pretty soon, y’know, hunting LGBT supporters across Phoenix and Arizona … If you support the LGBT agenda, you’re not safe. You’re not safe. Right, Kyle?” said Schimdt to his friend, Kyle Clifton, while driving in a car together.

In 2021, Schmidt posted a video of himself burning a Pride flag that would later receive endorsement from Gov. Kari Lake (R).

LGBTQ Nation reported that Schmidt starred in an anti-vaccination video with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and a different video with Wendy Rogers (R).

Schmidt and Clifton are among white supremacists that believe in “Replacement Theory.” According to the LGBTQ Nation, the theory believes that white people are being replaced by non-white people.


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