This week read about a festival celebrating transgender and non-conforming creators in California, and a city council rejecting to enact a non-discrimination ordinance in Alabama.

Festival Highlights Trans, Non-Binary Creators

Some of the LGBT community’s most overlooked storytellers had an opportunity to reflect and imagine the future of storytelling at the annual Trans and Non-Binary Summit this past weekend.

Now in its fifth year as an official part of LGBT film festival OutFest LA’s lineup, the day-long summit focused on where the doors opened by shows like FX’s “POSE” will lead trans and non-binary creators in the years to come.

In addition to short film screenings and moderated discussions, a panel was held on the theme of building unity within the community.

Activist and producer Jacob Tobia moderated the panel and told the Hollywood Reporter, “The next frontier is really moving from singularity to plurality of storytelling,” they said. “I’m ready for a network to have a trans executive. I don’t know who’s gonna do that, but one of us is gonna have to step up and make it happen.”



City Council Rejects Non-Discrimination Ordinance


 Montgomery, Alabama. Photo via Facebook.

In a 5-4 vote, members of the Montgomery City Council have blocked the creation of a local non-discrimination ordinance that would have added protections on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The vote came after local businesses called for an ordinance that fills the gaps in federal protections against discrimination, citing Montgomery as a place of major activity during the civil rights movement.

Mayor Steven Reed told LGBTQ Nation, “It’s hard to say to yourself that something as simple as a non-discrimination ordinance can sit on the table for two months. The vote itself is not a step in a progressive direction, it is a step backward, and it is a step that I believe will have dire consequences.”

After the vote, Reed suggested directing businesses towards Birmingham, Alabama’s second-most populous city. Birmingham adopted a local non-discrimination ordinance in 2017.