This week read about Virginia Rep. Bob Good speaking out against gay marriage and transgender shelter access, and a student bullied at school for wearing rainbow shoelaces in Montana.

Congressman Gives Speech Against Gay Marriage and Trans Shelter Access 

While discussing the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act of 2021, legislation that funds emergency shelters and support services for domestic violence survivors, Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) commented against transgender access to shelters and gay marriage.

“Nearly everything that plagues our society can be attributed to a failure to follow God’s law and his rules for and definition of marriage and family,” Good said.

Good’s comments have led to backlash.
The Secular Coalition for America tweeted, “Not only is this completely false Rep. Bob Good, this is grossly insulting to all survivors and victims of domestic abuse.”

According to MetroWeekly, Good slammed the bill’s prohibition on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in shelters and support services. Good said that providing provisions for transgender individuals could, “coerce faith-based providers … to violate their deeply held beliefs or stop their work altogether.”

Good’s previous opponent, former U.S. Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), was defeated in the primaries and labeled as insufficiently conservative due to officiating a same-sex marriage for two campaign volunteers. Riggleman tweeted against Good saying, “What plagues our society are idiots.”

Student Bullied for Rainbow Shoelaces


 Credit: Leland Reid.

James Reed, a sixth-grader in Montana, designed a unique pair of Converse sneakers. He customized the shoes with navy blue fabric, rainbow shoelaces, and “yeet” written on the sides. For two months, he excitedly waited for them to arrive.

“It was like Christmas,” said Leland Reed, his mother.

But Leland noticed that soon after the shoes arrived, James stopped wearing them. When James opted for an older, ill-fitting pair of shoes, she asked him if there was something wrong. According to KRTV, James told her kids at school were picking on him.

“Kids his age were calling them gay and telling him he was gay and yelling at him down the hallway,” Leland said.

Leland made a post online about their situation and began receiving messages, phone calls, and emails.

The family decided to make the situation positive. They bought 300 pairs of rainbow shoelaces, put the box outside of their house, and posted the address for people to freely pick up. In four days, there were five pairs left.

If he could give someone advice, James said, “Do what you want to do and don't let anybody put you down.”