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A Wisconsin city is close to scoring a perfect score regarding LGBT rights, and Davante Lewis of Louisiana became the first Black LGBT person to be elected to state government.

Green Bay Is Closing In on a Perfect Score in LGBT Rights

Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mayor Eric Genrich and Michael Vinson work together to set policies and laws for their community that has earned them a 90 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index.

Justis Tennpenny told Green Bay Press Gazette that Green Bay’s highest score represents “the majority of our population supports our community. We can't be afraid of the minority."

“Green Bay received perfect scores across a few categories, including non-discrimination laws surrounding housing, employment and public accommodations,” reported Green Bay Press Gazette. “Additionally, Green Bay's law enforcement fairly reports hate crimes and engages with the LGBTQ community in a thoughtful, constructive way, according to the scorecard. The city also scored big on equality measures, both in terms of leadership positions and legislative efforts.”

However, mayor Genrich still hopes to make progress so the LGBT community feels safe.



Davante Lewis Becomes First Black LGBT Person Elected to State Government


Photo via Facebook.

Davante Lewis has dethroned three-term incumbent, Lambert Boissiere III, a Black Democrat from New Orleans.

Lewis’ win has “sent a strong message” to kids that it is possible to hold office, according to Stephen Handwerk, former executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party and a gay man.

“We prioritize states like Louisiana, states where we don’t have a lot of representation,” said Cesar Toledo, political director for the Victory Fund, to the Louisiana Illuminator. “We see Davante Lewis as a step in the right direction and someone who is going to be carrying the torch for the movement to equality.”

Lewis won the District 3 seat on the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

“The history of my election for my age, for my race, for my sexual identity, is not lost on me,” Lewis said in an interview prior to election day.