This week read about a church in Georgia hosting a drag show, and Theresa Manzella of North Carolina claiming LGBT people live a "perverse lifestyle."

Church Hosts Drag Show

A Pride organization at Emory University, known as Emory Pride, hosted its annual drag show at Glenn Memorial Methodist church that’s affiliated with the university.

Tommy Greenler, a senior at Emory and host of the show, told Campus Reform that “there is something very subversive about hosting a drag show at a church, especially a Methodist church like Glenn Memorial.”

The drag show also hosted hip-hop dance performances and a costume contest.

“Drag has provided a space for queer expression when homophobia, transphobia and racism make the world unsafe,” said Layla Aberman, president of Emory Pride.

The church hosted a similar event in 2019 but took a hiatus during 2020 because of the pandemic.

“I think it says a lot about Glenn Memorial as an individual church that it has continued to welcome the drag show in their space … I personally think it's kind of punk, to be a queer person hosting an unapologetically queer event in a church like this — I feel like this kind of breaking barriers is what drag is all about,” Greenler said.

Politician Blames LGBT for ‘Perverse Lifestyle’


Clinton Community Church. Photo via Facebook.

The Clinton Community Church in North Carolina had a partnership with the Missoula Food Bank — until it learned the food bank was providing Pride-themed inserts with some meals.

The Missoula Food Bank provided inserts pertaining to Pride with the free sack lunches they provide. That summer, the church ended its relationship with the food bank and started its own lunch program, Missoulian reported.

A citizen then filed a complaint to the Missoula Organization of Realtors arguing that the church’s pastor “cannot separate his religious bias from his entire person and will continue to be inherently biased against the LGBTQIAS+ community.” Brandon Huber is now suing the MOR.

“We never took food away from gay children,” Huber said.

Theresa Manzella, a Republican member for the Montana Senate, visited Clinton and voiced her support for Huber.

“My right to live a righteous lifestyle based on my sincerely held beliefs does not end where their choice to live a perverse lifestyle begins,” Manzella said.

Protestors stood outside the church wearing Pride flags. Sam Kelley, a resident, voiced support for the LGBT community and said, “They need to know that they’re not alone.”