This week read about “Blues Clues and You!” saying "P is for Pride!" in their alphabet song, JoJo Siwa celebrating her first Valentine's Day with her girlfriend, and Lady Gaga releasing a new brand of Oreos.

Young Pop Sensation Shares Touching Post for Valentine’s Day

Lesbian pop star JoJo Siwa recently came out on social media. On Valentine’s Day, she took to Instagram again to share a heartfelt message to her girlfriend.

“It’s my first valentines dayyyy!!” she said. “No one in the world makes me as happy as this girl does. I’m so thankful to have fallen in love with the most perfect person ever who makes me smile 24/7. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

The caption can be read underneath a photo of Siwa’s girlfriend Kylie giving Siwa a piggyback ride.

Kylie also posted a sweet message to Siwa on her personal Instagram page for their one-month anniversary.

The caption said, “fall in love with your best friend, guys. it’s THE BEST feeling in the entire world. here’s to one month with my favorite human :) i love you sharky.”


Popular Children’s Show Says ‘P is for Pride!’


“Blues Clues and You!” Credit: Nickelodeon.

“Blues Clues and You!” took the opportunity to educate young viewers on LGBT pride during an alphabet song in a recent video.

When the letter P appeared on screen, it was rainbow-filled, Pride flags surrounded the screen, including pansexual, intersex, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and more.

“The first thing that came to my mind was P is for pride when I got the script. I am so excited that all of ya'll are as happy as I am!” said animator Sammi WS Chan on Twitter.

Fans of the original “Blues Clues” showed their gratitude under Chan’s tweet.

“I BAWLED when I saw ‘P is for Pride’! I grew up with the original Blues Clues, and I got bullied for being gay before I had ANY romantic interest either way! I'm so happy kids today can see that there's nothing wrong with being gay, and being yourself!!! Thank you so much!!” a Twitter user said.

Bisexual Pop Star Releases Limited Edition Oreos


Lady Gaga's Oreos. Credit: Oreo.

Bisexual icon Lady Gaga has once again brought in the applause.

Inspired by her album “Chromatica,” Oreo has released a limited-edition collection of pink Oreos with green filling.

While the cookie sandwiches are receiving praise for the fun colors, fans also created a running joke that eating the Oreos will turn you gay.

A Twitter user said, “today my son ate just one of the limited edition oreos and he dropped to the floor.. soon after he raised his hand and it cramped and locked up into this position! the doctors have never seen nothing like this ... he also started saying yass and wig.”

All jokes aside, Gaga fans are loving the collaboration.

“Did I get Lady Gaga Oreos shipped from the US. Of course I did. I peaked in gay today!” another Twitter user said.

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