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A Texas proposed bill will ban almost all gender-affirming care, and the shooter of a gay club in Colorado is set to stand trial.

Proposed Bill Seeks To Ban Almost All Gender-Affirming Care

Texas Republican State Sen. Bob Hall filed Senate Bill 1029 on Feb. 17, according to CBS News. The bill aims to ban public funding for gender-affirming care as well as restrict the ability of health insurance companies to cover it. It would also increase legal liability for providers.

CBS News spoke with Texas Health Action CEO Christopher Hamilton, which is a LGBT health nonprofit.

"This bill would have a chilling effect, halting all best practice medical care for all trans people in this state, regardless of age," Hamilton said. "If this bill passes, insurers will no longer cover gender-affirming care, malpractice insurers will not provide malpractice insurance to providers, and physicians will not assume a personal financial lifetime liability for providing gender affirming care, affecting nearly 100,000 trans people in the state." 





Gay Club Shooter To Stand Trial


Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police Department.

According to AP News, the gunman who killed five and injured 17 at Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, will see a courtroom due to a judge approving prosecutor evidence for the charges. The charges include murder and hate crimes, with prosecutors arguing over the validity of the latter.

Anderson Lee Adlrich, the shooter, is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. Witnesses testified that they were a patron of Club Q at least six times.

“We presented evidence regarding the defendant’s aversion to the LGBTQ community, evidence related to the defendant’s mother forcing him to go to a club against his will and sort of forced that culture on him,” District Attorney Michael Allen. AP News stated that Allen consistently used male pronouns in referring to Adlrich.