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A gay teen from Texas was lured to a skate park in Baytown, Texas, on Oct. 12 by his "friend" and then brutally beaten by the girl and two others because of his sexuality, Houston's CBS-affiliate station KHOU reports.

Dylan Beard, 17, was allegedly punched and kicked in the face and ribs and called "faggot" and "booty lover" during the assault. Beard bit through his tongue and chipped his teeth while the trio beat him. He also suffered a broken nose, a black eye and lacerations to his knees and elbows.

He says his 17-year-old friend, a girl, led him to the skate park.

"They all started hitting me, got on the ground, hit me and punched me," Beard told KHOU. "It's tough being gay. It's tough. Because we are out of the norm I guess. Then two of her friends who are guys jumped in and they all started hitting me, got on the ground hit me and punched me."

The girl, who remains unnamed, faces assault charges. Beard's mother, Jennifer Beard, contacted local community activist and Nation Of Islam activist Quanell X because she felt local authorities were not doing enough.

At a Thursday press conference Quanell accused local police of being negligent by allegedly ignoring witnesses, refusing to take statements and publically insulting the teen because he is gay. Quanell has also filed a hate crime complaint with the FBI.

"We are asking for the department of justice to step in and investigate this assault as a hate crime. It was planned to target him because he's gay," he said.

Local cops say they are still investigating the incident, however.

"We are taking steps, reaching out if there is a misunderstanding, with that our doors are opens," said Lt. Eric Freed.

Beard's mother said she's scared to let her child go out alone.

"His face was swelled, his nose was broken, he bit through his tongue, his bottom teeth were chipped, his knees were scabbed everywhere," Jennifer Beard said.

"It was horrendous, I just couldn't even believe what I was seeing... It scares me now that he can be jumped because he's gay," she told the Houston Chronicle.

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