A theory emerged suggesting the Statue of Liberty was based off of a man - and Fox & Friends is shuffling to uncover the truth.

It is commonly reported French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi based the statue off of his mother. However, journalist Elizabeth Mitchell told the New York Post that he modeled her off of his brother. 

"Going through the photos he had in his files of his brother, I started to look at the face more carefully," she said. "And it really did look to be like Liberty."

Mitchell claimed there were distinct differences between Bartholdi's mother and Lady Liberty - his mother had a "more arched evebrow," alongside a "thinner nose" and lips.

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And of course, Fox & Friends had to step in to debate over the gender identity over the large copper statue.

Host Peter Doocy opened the discussion with one single question: "Is Lady Liberty actually a man?"

They brought in New York University Professor Edward Berenson, who insistently dismissed the claims and referred to Bartholdi as "mama's boy."

"I think there's no question she's a woman, but she's a very powerful woman," he told Fox. "She's a lady."

Watch the full video below.