Win the Era, Pete Buttigieg’s political action committee, has endorsed four Democrats running for state-level office in Florida.

The candidates are Florida District 35 Senator-elect Shevrin Jones, Florida Senate District 9 candidate Patricia Sigman, Florida Rep. Ben Diamond of St. Petersburg and Florida House District 118 candidate Ricky Junquera.

Jones is set to become Florida’s first Black gay Senator and was an early supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden. Sigman and Junquera are in tight races to flip Republican-held seats. Diamond is a ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. 

“I am so honored to receive the support of a friend and someone who has paved the way for a new generation of leadership,” said Junquera, a Miami-Dade Democrat. “I only hope we can win on election day and push forward to build a new and better era!”

Buttigieg, the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has become a leading Democratic operative during the 2020 campaign. The gay-married Navy veteran has gone into unfriendly arenas such as Fox News to push back against Republican arguments. Buttigieg’s ability to effectively articulate cultural issues recently earned him the nickname “Slayer Pete” by the Los Angeles Times

“My *preference* is that the winner of this presidential election should choose the next justice,” Buttigieg tweeted this week, a reference to the outdated term “sexual preference” used by Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett. 

The four Florida endorsements are part of a field of 47 candidates endorsed by Win the Era.