On Tuesday Governor Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation remembering Pulse and ordering the state’s flags to be flown at half mast Wednesday, the three year anniversary of the deadliest attack on the LGBT community in US history.   

But there was one problem: the document did not mention the LGBT community.

“The state of Florida has come together to stand boldly with Orlando and the Central Florida community against terrorism,” the document reads in part.

DeSantis immediately came under fire and by Wednesday had reversed course, issuing a new proclamation with his office blaming the omission on staff.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, DeSantis is scheduled to visit the Pulse memorial at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“Today we mourn the loss of life of 49 innocent victims of an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando that targeted the LGBTQ and Hispanic community, and Florida as a whole. In honor of their memory, I am ordering flags to be lowered to half-staff,” DeSantis tweeted Wednesday morning.

Orlando Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani, who initially blasted DeSantis, thanked him on Wednesday for the correction but also tweeted: “Actions speak louder than words, and this mistake deserves a bigger response than just a corrected proclamation.”

Local LGBT activist Michael Rajner also thanked the governor but added in a tweet: “Now how about issuing an executive order to protect #LGBTQ state workers & contractors from #discrimination to #HonorThemWithAction.”