Despite winning a heavily conservative area, Dawn Adams is not facing any negative responses to her sexuality.

Adams, who was the first openly lesbian woman to be elected to Virginia’s General Assembly, has faced little attention after winning her spot, according to the Washington Post. Her victory comes as several LGBT people took elections across the US, showing a change in a way members of the community are perceived.

“People have understood it’s not an issue that’s going to play well if you try to demonize people just because of who they love,” executive director of Equality Virginia James Parrish said to the Post.

Adams will join three openly gay representatives when she takes office in three weeks. Her win joins Seattle’s first lesbian mayor, California's first lesbian state chamber leader and Oklahoma’s first lesbian representative in the state’s house.

“It is encouraging to see candidates like myself being elected in the commonwealth of Virginia and beyond, not because of the color of their skin, their gender, their religion or their sexual orientation, but because of their substantive ideas for dealing with the issues,” Adams said in a statement.