Springfield, IL (KMOV) -- Illinois has given approval to a request by a Florida man to place a Festivus pole inside the Illinois State Capitol.

Festivus is the made up counter celebration to the holiday season first introduced to the world by Seinfeld.

Chaz Stevens told News 4 his goal is to have the pole at any public place where a nativity scene is displayed. Stevens' application to have the pole displayed in the middle of the capitol was recently approved by the Secretary of State. The police is six-feet tall and pays tribute to gay pride. It also topped with a disco ball.

"Bill O'Reilly calls it a War on Christmas. I call it a war on Christians Privilege," said Stevens.

Stevens, a self-described atheist, said he will continue to use the First Amendment to make his point. He also said he has received death threats.

"Keep this in mind: The constitution isn't about protecting the majority view, like Title 9 in sports, it's about protecting the minority view and what's more minority than satanic temple or Festivus pole made of cans for gay pride," said Stevens.

The pole is set to go up December 21. Stevens said he intends to ask for a similar pole be installed in Jefferson City because Missouri will also display a nativity scene at its capitol.