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A Texas veterinarian with a practice that focuses on holistic treatments that include acupuncture for animals and humans, is causing an uproar over an anti-gay message he put up on the marquee outside of his animal clinic in suburban El Paso, KFoxTV reports.

Inspired by a news story about a bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, Dr. Jody Kincaid of the Anthony Animal Clinic in Texas put up the following message: "The GLBT Agenda is bad for America."

Claiming freedom of speech, Kincaid said, "The messages I put up are part of everyone's First Amendment,"

"While people have the right to be gay, at the same time, the gay movement has no business coming into a business and saying you have to do business the way we tell you," Kincaid said.

The vet's message, however, did not sit well with some local residents, including openly gay Nick Diaz, who quit his job working in Kincaid's animal clinic over his boss' public sentiment.

"It just made me very sad that he would put a sign, an anti-gay sign, knowing that I'm an openly gay person and it would hurt my feelings," Diaz said, adding "My decision to leave was due to me feeling pretty much discriminated and sad to be at a place I felt not welcomed."

From our media partner EDGE