An ex-gay support group is crying foul as the city of Cincinnati, Ohio sends its conversion therapy cash cow to the slaughterhouse.

As Cincinnati's City Council voted Monday for an ordinance banning the dangerous gay conversion therapy for minors, making it the first city in the country to do so, an anti-gay advocacy group with ties to the conversion therapy businesses is decrying the move as the "homosexual agenda" being forced on children.

According to the city ordinance, which is expected to pass a second vote on Wednesday, anyone who practices conversion therapy on a child within Cincinnati limits will face a daily fine of $200.

The ordinance was put forward by openly gay City Councilman Chris Sellbach who told WCPO he was personally subjected to the harmful therapy 20 years ago.

"Your whole world is turned upside down," Seelbach said of the impact of conversion therapy.

Sellback also referenced the suicide of Cincinnati-area Leelah Alcorn, the transgender teen who was subjected to the therapy and took her own life.

Nevertheless, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, are predictably crying foul.

"The city of Cincinnati is pushing a homosexual agenda and forcing it on children, and therefore adults," a spokesman for PFOX told Christian news site LifeSite News. "If the city truly cared about children, they would have never passed a ban on therapy that resolves some of the effects of sexual abuse of pedophiles onto children."

The spokesman continued: "We urge Cincinnati, and the country, to investigate the gay activists responsible for the political machinations that have now resulted in a new city-by-city action to force the gay agenda onto people everywhere."

PFOX, a non-profit that touts itself for not paying its staff, widely refers clients to numerous conversion therapy "specialists" who charge exorbitant fees, including Jewish conversion therapist group JONAH, which was found in violation of New Jersey's consumer fraud laws. The "support group" was co-founded by disgraced conversion therapist Richard Cohen who engaged in "touch therapy," where a male client sits on his lap, while Cohen caresses him. He was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association in 2002.

PFOX's work has been praised by numerous anti-gay hate groups including the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel.

Efforts to ban conversion therapy on the state level are underway, but have been stalled according to WCPO.