‘Ex-Gay’ Evangelical Speaker Comes To Harvard, Draws Controversy

Jackie Hill-Perry.

An evangelical activist who believes that gay people should repress their sexualities spoke at Harvard University last week.

Jackie Hill-Perry, a speaker who claims she is “ex-gay,” came to the university on behalf of the spiritual group Harvard College Faith and Action, according to PinkNews. Hill-Perry has previously claimed gay people can be converted by Christianity.

“There is not such a thing as being born gay, but there is such a thing as being born broken, broken by sin,” she said. “The model for how we are to deny ourselves, whether that applies to our greed, to our lust, self-denial is not optional for the Christian.”

According to student newspaper the Harvard Crimson, two dozen students and teachers lined up in the back of the Emerson room in protest.

“The history of this speaker and the things that she keeps promoting are things that basically alienate and threaten the existence of queer students on campus,” Ahmed Ragab, a professor at Harvard’s Divinity School, said to the Harvard Crimson. “I think it is a problem to have a speaker that promotes this kind of discourse.”

According to the Crimson, a petition to stop Hill-Perry from speaking on campus was also circulated on google docs in the days up to the protest. The petition had 200 signatures.

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