The rainbow house next door to the Westboro Baptist Church became a victim to anti-LGBT violence this week.

The Equality House, a rainbow-painted home created by activist group Planting Peace, is the home of current group president Arron Jackson. Early Sunday morning, he heard noises and called the police.

They found graffiti painted over the rainbow colors of the outer walls, reading “fuk fags.” They also found the home’s pride flags removed and dispersed on the street.

Several days later, Planting Peace members found seven bullet holes through one of their windows.

“The blatant acts of hate we experience at the Equality House mirror the acts of hate and discrimination our LGBT family experiences every day,” Jackson said in a statement, according to The Huffington Post.

“The LGBT movement has made tremendous progress on all fronts, including legislation that protects LGBT fundamental human rights, but we still have substantial work to do to change people’s hearts and minds, which is the most important change.”

Planting Peace is known for installing a billboard portraying Donald Trump and Ted Cruz kissing. They also recently launched the first pride flag into space.