Equality Florida endorsed Joe Biden for president on Tuesday, issuing its first-ever federal endorsement.

In an email to supporters, Equality Florida stated its backing of Biden and his vice presidential nominee, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, is vital to thwart the dangers of four more years of President Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the Oval Office.

“For its 23-year history, Equality Florida Action, Inc. has fueled systemic change by remaining laser-focused on electing pro-equality champions to state and local government, refraining from making federal endorsements,” wrote EqFL Media Relations Manager Brandon Wolf. “But in the face of the existential threat posed by the Trump Administration and the potential for a Supreme Court nomination that endangers LGBTQ civil rights, the group is taking action.”

Most polling has Biden and Trump even in Florida. Trump won the state by 112,000 votes in 2016, but EqFL is targeting 500,000 pro-equality voters at risk of not voting.

“The choice could not be clearer or the election more consequential,” said EqFL Founder Nadine Smith. “The country cannot withstand another four years of hate, bigotry, and an assault on the rights of all Americans to live authentically without fear of violence. In November, pro-equality voters in Florida will chart the path forward from this nightmare.”

The last day to register to vote in Florida is Oct. 3. The last day to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 24. Early voting is Oct. 24-31. Election day is Nov. 3.