Bisexual Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma Gonzalez recently faced repeated questioning of her appearance and culture by Republican politicians.

Republican Maine House of Representatives candidate Leslie Gibson called Gonzalez a “skinhead lesbian,” according to the Portland Press-Herald. Gibson faced scorn for his remarks and later dropped out of the house race.

“I am not walking away with my head hung low,” Gibson said.“I am walking away with my head held high.”

Gibson later apologized to Gonzalez.

Iowa Rep. Steve King questioned Gonzalez’s choice to wear a Cuban flag patch on her jacket during the March for Our Lives speech she delivered on March 24. In a Facebook post, King openly criticized the decision.

"This is how you look when you claim Cuban heritage yet don't speak Spanish and ignore the fact that your ancestors fled the island when the dictatorship turned Cuba into a prison camp, after removing all weapons from its citizens; hence their right to self defense," the post said.

According to USA Today, King has previously toasted an immigrant’s deportation and has been praised by David Duke of the KKK.

Gonzalez previously faced a Twitter hoax where she was photoshopped ripping the constitution. In reality, it was a photo of her from Teen Vogue ripping a shooting target.