Transgender inmates in the US may soon be facing a change in policy by President Donald Trump.

The president is looking to repeal guidelines set during Barack Obama’s presidency that allowed transgender inmates to move to prisons corresponding with their gender identity on a case-by-case basis, according to PinkNews. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons released the guidelines two days before Trump was set to take office.

The Department of Justice has been evaluating the rule since last August, when a lawsuit claimed the policy violated the privacy of biologically female inmates.

Fort Worth inmates Rhonda Fleming, Jeanette Driever, Charlsa Little, and Brenda Rhames are the plaintiffs for the case. They claim the prisons are housing “men” with them, according to PinkNews.

“My bodily rights are being violated by the Defendants housing men in the prison,” Fleming said in January 2017. “I am being humiliated and degraded every day so that men that identify as women can be comfortable.”

The changes to the policy are expected to come as a settlement to the case. Trump has previously rolled back guidelines for transgender bathrooms in schools and had his ban on transgender military service denied last month.