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Amid a record-breaking number of anti-LGBT bills being passed this legislative season, it’s a relief to see some states holding out.  

Virginia proposed a Parental Rights bill in January that, besides requiring school staff to report to parents if their child comes out as LGBT, would ban transitional healthcare to those 21 years old and under.

The Virginia Senate also introduced two bills, SB 791 and SB 1203, which would ban medical transitioning for minors.

In February, the Senate Health Subcommittee “recommended killing” all three. The bills are passed by indefinitely, meaning that they will not be moving past the Senate.

Wyoming’s own Parental Rights bill, which mimicked Florida’s in prohibiting the discussion of gender and sexuality through the third grade, cleared its Senate. So did Senate Bill 0111, which would ban transitional healthcare for minors.

The House considered neither for introduction.

The Human Rights Campaign has reported over 300 anti-LGBT bills introduced this legislative season. But NBC reports that only 10% of the 300 anti-LGBT bills introduced in 2022 passed into law.

The work of organizations and local communities fighting for LGBT rights has successfully pushed back against conservative efforts to criminalize gender and sexual diversity.