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Country legend Dolly Parton says she has received death threats from white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan over her “Gay Day” event at her theme park, Dollywood, the Gay Star News reports.

Parton and her family have owned the Disney-like park, located in Tennessee, since 1986. The first “Gay Day” at Dollywood was held in 2003. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have attended the park on the gay-friendly day wearing red shirts -- in a similar fashion as the “Gay Days” event in Orlando.

The park gained media attention from LGBT news outlets last year when a lesbian couple wearing T-shirts that read “Marriage is so Gay” were asked to reserve their shirts. Park authorities told The Advocate that their dress code policy requires asking people with clothing or tattoos that could be considered offensive to change or cover up.

This isn’t the first time the KKK targets Parton.

“God tells us not to judge one another, no matter what anyone's sexual preferences are or if they're black, brown or purple. And if someone doesn't believe what I believe, tough shit,” Parton told The Guardian last year regarding a 2004 protest by the KKK at her park.

Parton, who has been rumored to have a lesbian relationship with her longtime friend Judy Ogle, has denied the allegations.

“I'm not gay. If I was gay, I would have come out of the closet just a-flying,” she told the New York Daily News.