Delegate Daughter Takes on Conversion Therapy Ban Against Senator Father

Meagan C. Simonaire, via Facebook.

A bisexual Maryland state delegate is taking the charge on Maryland’s conversion therapy ban against her senator father.

Meagan C. Simonaire of the Maryland General Assembly spoke in favor of a bill banning the practice on minors in the state, according to the Washington Post. Simonare told her own story of being put into conversion therapy by her fundamentalist parents.

“The pain of having her good-intentioned parents convinced of its ability to ‘fix her’ was enough to cause significant pain, self-loathing and deep depression,” Simonaire said. “There were times where she seemingly couldn’t stop the tears from falling.”

Simonare’s father, House of Delegates senator Bryan, disputed the story and said he and his wife did not force her to go to conversion therapy.

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