The suburban D.C. county of Arlington, Virginia may have to install "swear jars" alongside the parking meters thanks to a code change adopted during a board meeting Saturday that increased penalties for public intoxication and profanity up 150 percent.

In an attempt to curtail incidences of public nuisance stemming from organized bar crawls that reportedly ended in brawls and public urination (among other things), Arlington's county board is throwing down a gauntlet. Be good or pay up. And they're not just going after the drunk and high set. The new laws will affect bad language too, so potty mouths, you stand warned. Fines have increased from $100 to $250 for violators.

The Washingtonian notes that Arlington's new laws aren't really so new after all. According to state law in Virginia, being drunk or swearing in public is a Class 4 misdemeanor, punishable by up to $250.

"The Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) made 664 arrests for individuals either appearing drunk or using profanity in public during calendar year 2014," county staff told ArlNow. "There were instances where individuals were under the influence of other intoxicants; however, enforcement was not possible under this Code section."