Approximately two hundred protesters gathered outside the rented home of Mike Pence in D.C. for a “queer dance party” to protest the vice president-elect’s anti-LGBT history.

Pence’s record includes signing the discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration act, which he later backpedaled on. He also openly opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

“These are the streets outside Mike Pence's house in D.C., shut down by activists throwing a Queer Dance Party tonight,” said one Twitter user, with an attached video of the party. “Pure jubilance.”

The party was organized by WERK and DisruptJ20. According to USA Today, all of Pence’s neighbors joined in on the party.

“We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, and we need to respect our diversity,” said Pence’s neighbor Joanna Pratt, who has lived there since 1979. “The LGBT community has had a real struggle to be respected and be accepted, and that’s a sad statement on our country and our culture that they’ve had that struggle.”

When news erupted of the home Pence was renting, his neighbors put up over 300 rainbow flags on their homes.

"I'm personally hoping our rainbow flags will continue flying for four years," she said. "I hope those will all stay up as long as we are represented by an administration who does not believe in those things."