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It looks like Dallas' gay neighborhood Oak Lawn will soon get a new restaurant called Tallywackers, which has been billed as the male version of Hooters where half-naked men will take patrons' pizza orders.

Tallywackers is looking to launch the eatery in May, the Houston Chronicle reports. Taking a look at the restaurant's promotional material, the waiters and bartenders could double as super hunky models and definitely don't look like the average server.

The newspaper points out, Tallywackers' management published a Craigslist ad looking for bartenders, waiters, hosts and cooks.

"Dallas' Newest and most exciting place to be is now hiring for all positions! Bartenders, Servers, Cooks, Bus Boys and Hosts welcome to apply!," the ad reads.

Tallywackers also launched a Facebook account to promote its upcoming location.

"Very exciting to see the town talking. Are you ready for Tallywackers Bar, Restaurant, and Live Entertainment?!? We're coming soon--STAY TUNED!" one post reads.

Hooters, which just turned 32, employs curvy and busty women in scantily clad outfits to serve chicken wings. The chain calls itself "delightfully tacky yet unrefined."

"If Hooters and Twin Peaks are considered breastaurants, does that make Tallywackers a... dickstaurant?" the Dallas Eater blog wrote.

Perhaps Tallywackers' execs should consider opening up shop in Walkerton, Ind., next and compete against the anti-gay marriage owners of Memories Pizza, who refuse to cater same-sex weddings.

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