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An openly gay nominee could be the first openly gay state Supreme Court Chief Justice in the U.S. if confirmed this year.

State Governor Dannel Malloy selected Associate Supreme Court Justice Andrew McDonald to be his candidate for the position, according to PinkNews. Current Chief Justice Chase Roberts will retire in February, leaving the position vacant.

“He has a deep understanding of the role and the impact that the justice system has on the everyday lives of Connecticut residents, and the value of ensuring equality and fairness through the court’s many responsibilities,” Malloy said in a statement. “His experience having served as an Associate Justice on our state’s highest court, where he has undertaken some of the most complicated of cases in the state, will benefit him well in the position of Chief Justice.”

McDonald previously worked as general counsel for Malloy’s office and has worked for the state Supreme Court for five years. State legislators now have to confirm McDonald’s nomination.

“If confirmed by the legislature, it would be the honor of a lifetime to continue the great and tireless work of Chief Justice Rogers administering justice on behalf of the people of Connecticut in a fair, timely, transparent and efficient manner,” McDonald said.