Four men were arrested and charged with beating a gay couple in Austin, Texas. Tristan Perry and Spencer Deehring were leaving a gay bar, hand in hand, when the men started yelling homophobic slurs at them.

The men then ganged up on the couple, beating them to the ground. Both Perry and Deehring ended up in the hospital, according to NBC KXAN. They told police the men started to “hurl the word faggot,” while they were beating the pair up. 

"According to Tristan, he sustained a fractured nose, bruised orbital eye socket, concussion, chipped front teeth, lacerations, stitches and bruised ribs. According to Spencer, he sustained a concussion, injuries to his neck and bruising," police wrote in the court affidavit. 

The men are being held on a collective $300,000 bond, and the district attorney will pursue a hate crime finding.