Claims Redemption Is His Reward, Takes Shot at SFGN

On the heels of a SFGN investigation last week which revealed to the world that he was a convicted felon, Arthur Abba Goldberg owned up, in part, to his past frauds, by calling them a “major error in judgment.”

Last week, SFGN revealed that Goldberg, the President of an ex gay group named JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality, was a convicted swindler whose bogus bond schemes ripped off the government and duped thousands of investors for big bucks.

Upon completing his 18 month prison sentence and 5 years of probation for three counts of felony fraud, Goldberg started the ex gay group out of an office in Jersey City, avoiding any use of his conspicuous middle name. As Arthur Goldberg, he became a huge force in the ex-gay, anti-gay movement, rising to the position of Executive Secretary of National Association of Research and Treatment of Homosexuals.

The stunning revelations that he engineered a 2 billion dollar bond fraud two decades ago has swept through gay web sites all over the ‘Net and throughout the world. SFGN joined with Truth Wins Out, an organization headed by Wayne Besen, to expose Goldberg. The article has been picked up by,,, and at least 100 different bloggers sites, including the Wall Street journal LGBT blog.

Said Besen, “Goldberg has found out that you can run but you cannot hide. This feature exposed him for the con artist he once was and still is.”

Explaining his conduct to a concerned supporter, Goldberg indicated that his backers should not be alarmed by his past frauds and nothing would impair those seeking treatment for their homosexuality.

Goldberg claimed that Judaism taught him to “take responsibility for a major error in judgment which I made more than 20 years ago. I paid the price to society, and then moved on to build a life totally devoted to service of those who suffer with unwanted same-sex attractions.”

Taking a shot at SFGN for exposing him, Goldberg went on to say that “Unfortunately, the controversy arose because those who disagree with a message would rather attack the messenger, or assassinate the character of the messenger by digging up old stories and in that way kill the message. Personal attacks on my character should not take away from the science that change is possible and that no one is born gay.”

Goldberg concluded his apology by spinning his failure to disclose his criminal convictions and felonious past this way: “G-d works in strange ways. If I did not make the mistake I made during the 1980’s, it is likely there would be no Jonah today. And, if there was no Jonah today, innumerable men and women would not have had the opportunity to successfully overcome their homosexual fantasies, arousals, identity, or behavior. Where would we be then?”