The "Party Monster" is now a free man.

New York City’s ultimate "club kid" Michael Alig was released from prison on May 5 after serving 17-years for the murder and dismemberment of fellow club kid and roommate Andre "Angel" Melendez in 1996, the British newspaper the Independent reports.

It was first reported last month that Alig, 47, was scheduled to be released on May 5 and that he has been eligible for parole since 2006 but denied until now.

Alig was the co-founder of New York City’s infamous club kid scene, which thrived in the ’90s. In 1996, he pleaded guilty to killing Menendez, pouring bleach into his mouth, dismembering his body with knives and dumping the corpse in the Hudson River. Alig’s roommate, Robert Riggs, aka "Freeze," was sentenced to 10-to-20 years in prison for confessing to manslaughter.

Alig’s story became popularized thanks to the 2003 film "Party Monster," based off the novel "Disco Bloodbath" written by Alig’s friend James St. James. The film, which detailed Alig’s rise and fall, elaborate parties and extensive drug use, starred Macaulay Culkin as Alig and Seth Green as James.

According to the Independent, Alig released a dance single from jail in 2001 and participated in a number of podcasts with James by way of the prison phone. He was also able to use Twitter by having a friend post tweets for him.

Since being released, Alig, who has 11.2 thousand followers, took to the social media site to write:

"Just narrowly escaped being re arrested for having my release filmed but we’re ok and on our way to nyc! #narrowescape"

He also said, "So overwhelmed: A 15-person van filled with friends, writers, photogs, film crews & WOW will pick me up from prison on Monday. #gulp"

Alig’s first meal as a free man? A burrito.

When EDGE posted the original story to Facebook, a number of readers took issue that Alig was being released from jail at all.

Check out the trailer for "Party Monster" below:

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