(EDGE) The bizarre case of the gay Indiana church organist who admitted to painting pro-Trump, anti-semitic and anti-gay graffiti on the church where he works, took an interesting turn last week. Although he has been dismissed from his position, officials from St. David's Episcopal Church have offered the troubled 26-year-old organist turned vandal "a path to reconciliation and possible future re-employment."

In a statement released last week, officials from St. David's showed Christian charity towards Nathan Stang, 26, the staff organist who was arrested for the post-election vandalization of church property with graffiti that featured a swastika and read "Heil Trump" and "Fag Church." The church seeks to reconcile with Stang and is open to the possibility of rehiring him.

"We at St. David's understand that we were not the only victims of Mr. Stang's actions," read a statement released by the church. "Supporters of President Trump, those who are Jewish or have ties to the Jewish community, and those in the gay community all were hurt. We hope that in time forgiveness and reconciliation can be reached by all sides. We will continue to offer the love of God to all people regardless of where you come from, what you believe, what color you are or who you love."

"We hope and pray that Mr. Stang will accept our offer and embark on this journey with us, which will include counseling, meetings, community service, and a variety of opportunities for Mr. Stang to reconcile with our church community."

"Whatever the future holds for St. David's and Mr. Stang, our goal is to continue to spread the Gospel message of unconditional love. Jesus Christ came to save us all, and all are deserving of love!" the statement concluded.

According to AP, Stang, who admits to the vandalism, told police that he is gay. He said his motivation behind the vandalism was to mobilize a movement after being disappointed in and fearful of the outcome of the election in which Donald Trump was elected president.

Stang currently faces a charge of misdemeanor institutional criminal mischief.