(EDGE) Dennis Prager, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) radio host who blamed California's record drought on a "worship of nature," took his science denying to a new level when he dismissed "heterosexual AIDS" as liberal "hysteria," Right Wing Watch reports.

"The left has a monopoly, almost a monopoly, on hysteria," Prager said. "And I will just give you a few examples of the hysterias of your lifetime. One was heterosexual AIDs in America. Do you remember that? when we were told by Time and Newsweek and The New York Times, remember when they said AIDS doesn't discriminate? Well, that was a lie.

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"AIDS does discriminate," he continued. "It happens to attack in America-and I emphasize in America- overwhelmingly, gay men and intravenous drug users and his partners. You know the group least likely to get AIDS? Gay women. So it can't be homophobic to say the truth."

No stranger to hyperbole, Prager raised eyebrows last month with an analogy likening GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to chemotherapy that would eradicate leftist "cancer."

"Leftism is a terminal cancer in the American bloodstream and soul," Prager said. "So our first and greatest principle is to destroy this cancer before it destroys us. We therefore see voting for Donald Trump as political chemotherapy needed to prevent our demise."