Transgender activist Chelsea Manning’s YouTube video for her senate campaign was marked inappropriate shortly after being posted Sunday.

Manning announced she was running for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland last week, according to PinkNews. The video depicts scenes from Charlottesville and other protests with a voiceover from Manning.

“We need to stop asking them to give us our rights,” Manning said in the video. “They won’t support us, they won’t compromise.”

According to YouTube’s policies on age-restricted content, videos with vulgar language, violence, nudity or dangerous activities could be tagged as “inappropriate.”

“In these cases our review team may place an age restriction when we're notified of the content,” YouTube’s policy page reads. “Age-restricted videos are not visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled.”

Videos that have the age-restricted tag on them are not eligible for monetization from YouTube. They also are not given ads by the company, according to the policy.

Manning had her prison sentence commuted in 2017 by former president Barack Obama after she released classified documents revealing U.S. war crimes through WikiLeaks, according to PinkNews. She was released on May 17 of last year instead of in 2045.