USports, a Canadian organization in charge of university and varsity athletics, is now allowing transgender people to play on the team that reflects their gender identity. 

The policy has been in the works for two years, and is upheld as long as the athletes don’t use performance-boosting prohibited substances as ruled by the Canadian Anti-doping Program. Athletes on hormones for transitioning will be able to participate as long as their hormone levels are in line with the Program. 

"With the history of how policy goes for trans people, I honestly was surprised that it only took two years," Jacob Roy, a transgender man and former athlete who gave up four sports in college due to the lack of a trans policy, said.

An athlete must compete on one gendered team for a whole academic year, even though the transitioning process “isn’t linear,” Roy said. And according to professor Charlene Weaving in St. Francis Xavier University's human kinetics department, “normal” hormone levels don’t exist, as they vary from person to person.

But she also said that the policy is among the best she’s ever seen for trans athletes, CBC News reported.