Provo, UT (KUTV) -- A BYU spokesman has confirmed gay marriage congratulatory cards were accidentally stocked on the shelves of the BYU store in Provo.

Beau Sorensen, using the Twitter handle @sorrogrande, tweeted on August 19, "Oops, @byustore…check the Hallmark aisle." He then posted a link to a picture of greeting cards for "Two Brides" and "Two Grooms," supposedly on the shelves of the BYU Store in Provo.

The Twitter account for the BYU Store tweeted back at Sorensen, "Thanks for letting us know! Hallmark stocks the shelves and sometimes they get by us."

That exchange led to one Twitter user blasting Sorensen for "snitching" and bringing the issue to BYU's attention.

University spokesman Todd Hollingshead said the cards were stocked earlier this week and were removed once the store staff noticed photos of them popping up on social media.

"This was just a case where the vendor here—it was Hallmark—they were stocking the shelves and they didn't know about our ordering preferences," said Hollingshead. "At this point it's been taken care of."