Business is booming for male prostitutes -- and it's all thanks to the Republican National Convention.

According to the NY Post, mostly-married RNC attendees have been utilizing the services of the male escorts in the Cleveland area.
“Business has been way better. I’ve seen ten clients so far,” a male escort told the NY Post. “Most of them were first-timers. You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.”
Whereas one particular male prostitute would make between $200 and $300, he's now already made $1,600 since Monday.
This surge in male escort profits marks a stark contrast to the anti-LGBT message expressed at the RNC so far.
“When it comes to anything people aren’t supposed to be doing, they like to do it,” an escort told the NY Post, implying that many of the men openly oppose same-sex marriage. “The Republicans have a lot of delegates in the closet, let’s put it that way.”
In contrast, the NY Post reports that female escorts are actually making much less money than usual. 
“Business is slower than usual,” one said. “I haven’t been getting any calls.”