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Bi Comic Examines Identity in New Web Series

(SFGN) Bill Posley, a comedian and musician based out of Los Angeles, is now three episodes into his new web series “By the Bi,” the Advocate reports.

In his introduction to the series Posley says, “My name is Bill and I’ve created a web series about being bisexual. Now, I don’t speak for all bisexuals. This is just my personal experience. I made this because I don’t actually see this point of view out in the world all that much.”

So far in the three-minute episodes, Posley has taken a comedic look at coming out to his parents, bisexual isolation in the LGBT community, and prepping to become part of the out and active LGBT community.

In episode 1 "Coming Out," Posley’s parents lament over him committing to being either gay or straight. “Oh my god, you’re going to tell me your lover’s name is Aaron, and I’m going to wonder whether that’s a man or a woman,” worries his mother.

Episode 2, “Insecure” features Posley joining an LGBT support group, but not feeling as much in common with the group.

In episode 3 “Intervention,” Posley’s LGT friends decide to prep him ready to “fit in” with his new community.

You can find new episodes of “By the Bi” on YouTube.


Maine Girl Featured in New HBO Documentary 'The Trans List'

(AP) A transgender student whose battle over the right to use a girls' bathroom led to a landmark court ruling in Maine is being featured in a new HBO documentary.

"The Trans List" premieres Monday evening and explores what it means to be a transgender American.

Nicole Maines is one of several individuals featured in the documentary.

Maines says her entire family got behind her after she was bullied over a bathroom while in secondary school. The state supreme court ultimately ruled that her rights were violated.

Maines now encourages young people to advocate for themselves. In her words, "slay your own dragon - you can do it."

She is currently a student at the University of Maine.