Brooklyn Park Renamed After LGBT Activist Marsha P. Johnson

Photos courtesy: Bing

Marsha P. Johnson, an iconic New York City LGBT activist will have a Brooklyn Park named after her, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced. 

Johnson was active early in the fight for equality and was very involved in the Stonewall uprising, where she confronted the police during the six nights of violence. The Stonewall uprising was a turning point for gay rights in New York City which was sparked by police raiding the now registered historic landmark gay bar in Greenwich Village in 1969. 

Johnson continued to fight for trans rights until her death in 1992. Since then, her stature in the LGBT movement has only grown. Marsha P. Johnsons legacy will now be enshrined in a state park on the waterfront in Brooklyn. Marsha P. Johnson Park sits on seven acres in Brooklyn with a view of the Manhattan skyline.