Brayla Stone, a 17-year-old Black trans girl, was murdered June 25, becoming the eighth transgender person killed in the last seven days. 

According to Out Magazine, her body was found in a car on a walking path in the Little Rock suburb of Sherwood, Arkansas last Thursday, and a person on social media later claimed they were paid five thousand dollars to kill her.

Screen captures of the deleted video showed a pile of $100 bills with “$5k” superimposed in red text.

tweet of money

In the comments, the poster then claims they “zipped em for 5k” and that it was “Money Well Spent.”

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Despite the person bragging about the murder, Stone’s killer has yet to be identified, according to LGBTQ Nation. It also says that the police won’t release any information on how she was murdered until they notify the next of kin to identify her body.

The Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition David J. Johns said someone murdered her because “we live in a society where it is not yet explicit that when we say BlackLivesMatter we mean all Black lives, which includes Black trans women and girls,” in a statement on the Atlanta Daily World website. 

He also said the average life expectancy for a Black trans woman in the U.S. is around 35 years of age.

“In the last two weeks the current occupant of the oval office signed an executive order revoking health care discrimination protection for trans people. In the last two weeks the SCOTUS rendered a decision affirming the right for trans people to be able to work without being fired for actual or perceived sexual identity, gender orientation, and gender expression — legal protections that don’t mean as much if trans people aren’t hired and when Black trans girls and women are murdered with impunity. This must end.”

According to The National LGBT Bar Association, 12 states have passed the bill to ban the “gay panic defense.” However, it is still legal in 38 states, and in the District of Columbia.

Trans activist and journalist Ashlee Marie Preston was among those calling attention to Stone's murder and the need for action, according to Out Magazine. She also challenged the media who insisted on using “her birth name instead of her REAL name,” in reference to the decision to use Stone’s deadname and pronouns at the request of her family.

Brayla Stone Black Trans Teen Killed in Apparent Hit

According to Fox16, the reason why they’re using her birth name is because when they consulted with the Stone family, they asked them to report using Stone’s birth name.

A “Justice for Brayla Stone” petition was created by Kadyn Loring, and already has over 100,000 signatures as of June 26.

Johns also said in his statement, “To help ensure justice for Brayla Stone call Sherwood Police Chief Jim Badwell at 501-835-1425 and demand a complete and public investigation that honors and respects Brayla Stone and the many ways that she showed up in a world that owes her, and other Black trans women and girls so much more.”